About Rebecca

The idea of studying photography took root in 2011 after a chance meeting with a woman of my sort of age whilst I was out walking. She had recently won a Royal Horticultural Society competition and, although we chatted for less than half an hour, she (unknowingly) inspired me.

Two years later I completed an A-Level course in photography, then in 2017 went on to further study at

the University for Creative Arts. 

My particular interests are macro and low-light photography, but last summer I began moving away from more conventional ways of taking pictures and started experimenting with cyanotype – a photographic process, discovered by Sir John Herschel in 1842, that doesn’t involve a camera. 

Thus began my “Transitions” images.



As I started to create cyanotypes in my garden, using just flowers, foliage, water, chemically treated paper and natural light, I became fascinated by the images that appeared during development.

So I photographed these so far camera-less images, and what you see are the colours, patterns and effects that emerge at random during exposure to light.

It is impossible to replicate or preserve the original, transitional images, as within minutes their nature has changed, and it is only with the magic of the camera can they be captured and held static.

I find not knowing how each image is going to turn out fascinating, and am continually learning as the

series evolves.


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